Afsheen Shah Coaching


Redefining the Concept of Wellness to Meet the Changing Needs of Our High Stress World


Who You Are:

You are looking to elevate your relationship with yourself and others to the next level through an increased sense of balance and well-being.  You want to gain ownership of your own health and wellness so you can live life on your own terms without continuing to sacrifice your relationships, your happiness or your health. You know what you need to do on a basic level, but the stress of your existing personal and professional commitments makes it hard to follow through.


What your Issues Tend to Be:

You tend to feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to achieve and maintain balance in the areas of your life that matter most without sacrificing one or more goals you set for yourself in other areas. You are often stressed and struggle to lose weight, maintain energy, often relying on unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms to manage your stress, leading to feelings of failure and increased overwhelm.

You struggle with maintaining a positive self image and find yourself even more overwhelmed by all the conflicting information currently available on health and wellness. You crave a sense of well-being and need to better understand some of the underlying issues that may be hampering your health related goals


What You Need Most Right Now:

You need guidance on how to achieve lasting health and wellness and a better understanding on what true health and wellness means and requires.  You want a better understanding of your thought patterns, habits and the any negative self talk that may be holding you back from achieving your wellness goals. You are ready for increased energy and vitality through attainable goals that are broken down into small steps and complement your current lifestyle without adding more overwhelm to your day.

 My Vision for You

I believe that you are filled with greatness and have the ability to change your own reality.  I believe that you are meant to experience a sense of complete well-being and alignment with your purpose.  But doing so requires commitment and dedication to the most important person in your life - YOU.  By achieving a state of physical and emotional well-being, the ability to create the life you want to lead can be harnessed. 

Sometimes, the only thing holding us back from embarking on our own journey towards change and the realization of our truth are long-held limiting beliefs that we may not be aware of or have failed to acknowledge. And these beliefs often create a reality that we’re not excited about. The uncertainty and confusion caused by these beliefs can even create and perpetuate a lifestyle that prevents the authentic you from shining through.   

If you are willing to achieve an elevated mindset and tap into your innermost strength, even the most difficult of obstacles can be surpassed. But you have to be ready for true and lasting change, which can be best accomplished by balancing your mind and body through optimal wellness.  So if you’re ready for a shift and looking to find your purpose, you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s LIVE!  

See what my clients are saying…

Having Afsheen as my life coach has been a life changing experience. In 6 weeks time, thanks to her guidance and knowledge I accomplished much more than I could imagine. Goals that were set were all achieved. I have more confidence in myself, and she opened my mind to a more positive way of thinking.

Afsheen believes in her clients abilities to make the changes in their lives to be their best selves.
— Kathy Schnurr



How will the fitness coaching program benefit me?

 As a client you will embark on a 6 week journey that will allow you to transform your mind, body and spirit and return to living in an optimal state that is in complete alignment with your core values and desired lifestyle. At the end of your transformational training, you will have full command of your health and wellness and know exactly how to control any limitations which may be compromising your ability to live your ideal life.


Weeks 1-2
Together, we will evaluate your current lifestyle, stress levels, and any negative thought patterns and habits which may be impeding your ability to live in an optimal state

Weeks 3-4
We will further explore your inner beliefs and any social or environmental factors that may be holding you back and create an action plan to counter any existing limitations

Week 5-6
We will implement a comprehensive and long term strategy for each key area of your life with defined action steps to help you achieve your ideal, balanced lifestyle and remove


The Whole Life Formula is a focused, whole life approach which is designed to bring balance to all areas of your life so you can spend more time living in the present and focusing on the things that matter and less time worrying about those that don’t.  It provides lasting and sustainable change for your complete well-being by examining your overall quality of life to determine where changes are needed most. Because true health and well-being starts on the inside and with the right mindset.